ISAT Testing Resources


Thank you to those of you who have completed the sign up sheet for ISAT’s. We have taken the data collected, in conjunction with the district calendars and created the following schedules. If you have not yet completed the sign up form, please do so as soon as possible.

Virtual & In Person Testing Schedule

testing calendar long view

In Person Testing

In person testing will have both AM and PM testing sessions from which to choose.  AM sessions begin at 8:30am and PM sessions begin at 12:00pm. Be sure to register for in person testing, then sign Up here for your time slot!

Recommended times to schedule:

  • ELA test-1 testing session
  • Math test-1 testing session
  • Science test-1 testing session (will likely finish early)

You may schedule more or less based upon the needs of your child.

Siblings: If you have siblings in grades that do not correspond to our testing calendar. Please schedule one on the week that works best, then contact Tina Stryker to help schedule the other(s). 

We will have computers available for students at the testing site.

Here is a map to the testing facility. If you would like to use a GPS system, to address is: 3324 S Pro Tech Drive, Suite 200 Boise, ID 83709. This is a new street and facility so it is often difficult for GPS systems to accurately find it. If you type in IDLA (Idaho Digital Learning Alliance), it is the same building.
Students will be required to wear a mask and will be socially distanced while they test. Families may sit together. Students may take mask breaks outside as needed. Hand sanitizer, water filling stations and washrooms are also available. We will have computers available for students at the testing site.

Students should bring:
Pencil and scratch paper
Snack or lunch (depending on how long they are staying)
Cell phone or phone number for their ride

Parent Resources for Virtual Testing

Your remote test will be administered by one of our BOS staff members who has completed the Test Administrator certification course. The state department asks that teachers do not proctor their own students as common practice (in the content area of the test), so another grade level or content area teacher may be your child's proctor for the test. While parents signed a confidentiality agreement for administration, the proctors will be conduction the bulk of the administration. If a student is having difficulty during their remote administration there are several ways that they may access their proctor during the exam.

Please run a bandwidth test before signing up your student for Virtual Testing. Be sure you close all extra tabs and windows before running the test. 

Students will not be able to see or hear each other during the test. They can only see and hear the proctor when asking to access him or her directly through the secure portal. This is not like a Google Meet. All questions and information that is exchanged is confidential. 

Access to proctors during ISAT 

Secondary Virtual Testing Calendar
secondary testing calendary photo

Elementary Virtual Testing Calendar
Elementary Virtual Testing Schedule