COVID-19 Testing for Boise Schools

Background Information:

Albertsons Testing for Schools
Test Type: Saliva-based PCR (Polymerase chain reaction) test - Phosphorus Diagnostics
Priority Population: Teachers, school staff, and students with COVID-19 compatible symptoms or those who’ve had close contact with a positive case.
Turnaround Time: 24 – 72 Hour
poster of how a COVID-19 test works


* Public Health Districts have received voucher codes which we are providing to our school administrators in a PDF document format. Individuals who require testing, based on the criteria listed in the background information, will be provided a copy of the attached PDF voucher and Phosphorus testing instruction document from their respective school administrator who will be overseeing the test request.
* Individuals need to follow the instructions on the testing form and go online to complete a short registration process in order to receive a test either in person or through the mail.

* Once the individual is registered, the tests are available for pick-up at Idaho Albertsons pharmacies or, if individuals live more than 25 miles from an Albertsons, the test can be mailed overnight to their home.
* Albertsons pharmacists will write orders for test
* The test kit comes with directions on how to complete the test and a pre-paid mailer to send the test to the lab overnight FedEx
* The saliva-based test is taken at home
* Drop at FedEx in prepaid mailer after the test is completed.

* There is no associated fee to the individual submitting the test. The fees will be paid through the state contract that has made this process available.

Important Information:

Individuals on quarantine or with symptoms should not be going to pick up the test materials. Please send someone who is not restricted to pick the test up for you.

Teachers, school staff, and students MUST use the voucher code to receive a free test. (see attached voucher document)

Tests should be prioritized only for teachers, school staff, and students with COVID-19 compatible symptoms or those who’ve been identified as a close contact to a positive case. (Both voucher and instructional documents have been attached for use within your organization)

Please take some time to look over the documents and the testing process and feel free to share the CDH COVID-19 Call center line with individuals receiving the voucher and instructions. All questions should be routed directly to our call center: 208.321.2222
Poster of how to order your free COVID-19 test through Albertsons