BOS Administrators and Contacts



Amanda Kuznia (208) 900-7111

Administrator Duties

Call Amanda Kuznia if you have questions and concerns relating to:

  • Learning Management Systems (Google Classroom, SeeSaw, and FuelEd)

  • Parent support with online learning

  • Overall communication

  • Student tech needs

  • Connections/communication with neighborhood schools


Elementary Principals

James Bright Grades K-2 (208) 854-5000

Erika Velasco Grades 3-4 & Dual/EL (208) 854-4613

Tara Coe Grades 5-6 & GATE C (208) 854-4650

Junior High Principal

Dr. Stacie Curry (208) 854-5850

High School Principal

Tammy Burks (208) 854-5650

Elementary and Secondary Principal Duties

Contact these principals with general questions and concerns about specific grade levels including, but not limited to:

  • General teacher/classroom concerns

  • Missing classes/scheduling concerns or conflicts

  • 504 questions/concerns/monitoring

  • Counselor referrals

  • Problem Solving Intervention Team requests

  • Student behavior/attendance/progress concern

Secondary Content Supervisors Secondary Curriculum/Course Administrator Duties

Please reach out to supervisors with questions and concerns relating to secondary courses/curriculum.

Elementary Special Education Administrator

Amy Pinkerman

Secondary Special Education Administrator

Nancy Gersack

English Language Administrator

Stacey Roth

Special Education/EL Administrator Roles

Please reach out to these administrators with general questions relating to special education and English language services for students.

Other Student and Family Services

Counselor - Contact the counselor from your neighborhood school.

Social Worker - Contact the social worker from your neighborhood school.

AP Coordinator - Jen Keavney 854-4370

Office Staff

Registrar/Administrative Assistant

Larisa Ryabokon (208) 472-2144

Attendance Line (208) 472-2156

Technology HelpDesk

If you need help with your district chromebook, please contact our support team, you can reach us at 208-854-6670 or visit our Help Desk Website.